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To process your order, quickest possible turnaround is what we strive for. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading logistics companies to ship your products! 

Note: Processing time for orders containing more than one item will be according to the item in your order requiring the longest processing time as all items in a single order will ship together. 

Delivery time:

Estimated delivery time = function( Product type, Quantity, Destination, Mode of payment)

And of course discount it for hailstorm, tornado, earthquake  #bleh

If your order is delayed by more than four days of time told to you, call us asap with your Order no. We’ll surely whip the ship and make sure it reaches fast.

CategoryDispatch TimeDelivery Time (after dispatch)
Posters & Art Prints1-2 working days1-4 working days
Laptop Skins2-3 working days1-4 working days
Framed Art prints3 working days1-4 working days
T-Shirts12-15 working days1-4 working days
Keychains3 working days1-4 working days
Glass Framed Posters3 working days1-4 working days
Mousepads3 working days1-4 working days
Vinyl Stickers3 working days1-4 working days
Canvas Art 3-4 working days1-4 working days
Badges3 working days1-4 working days
Coasters2 working days1-4 working days
Bumper Stickers3 working days1-4 working days
USB Flash Drives2 working days1-4 working days
Mobile Cases2 working days1-4 working days
Wall Decals3-5 working days1-4 working days
Tote Bags4 working days1-4 working days
Mugs1-2 working days1-4 working days

Additional costs:

There are absolutely no hidden costs involved.

Shipping Costs?

FREE Shipping all over India . 

Where does Greenpanda ship to?   

Green Panda delivers PAN India. But if it so happens that you are God and you live in an unreachable paradise, payment will be refunded.  Do tell us if we could send it to a mortal who lives nearby. We’ll be happy to serve. In other words, in the very unlikely scenario that the delivery address you choose is not on our Delivery Destinations list, you will be informed and your payment will be refunded. 

If you know of a better alternative to ship to your address, in that case please contact us at greenpandaprinters@gmail.com  If we can get your order to your delivery address via a reliable shipping alternative we will certainly do so.

Billing & Shipping Details:

Please take extra care while filling your Billing Details and Contact Information. Heck, how else would we deliver the goods to you! Your Name and Address should be exactly as it appears on your Credit Card/Debit Card statement. Your Contact information should be verifiable by your Bank/ Credit Card provider in authorizing payment. 

Please take care that your Billing Details and your Name and Address exactly as they appear on your Credit Card/Debit Card statement and contact information that your bank or Credit Card provider/Bank may verify in authorizing payment. Your contact information also helps us to send you order confirmation and update you at all times about your order. 

Shipping Details are the delivery name, address and contact details where you would like your order delivered. If your Billing and Shipping details are the same, simply click the box provided.

Caution: Billing Address & Shipping Adress could be different. Please make sure to fill in the right one at the right place.Packaging Information:

Our team makes sure your shipment reaches as it left our warehouse. Our tubes/boxes are sturdy and the items are wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. All posters, merchandise & art prints are packed securely in a mail tube! Because we are customers ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be when the packaging is not quite right.

Delivery condition:

We really want to know if your shipment reached you in just as impeccable condition as we dispatched it. Do tell us at greenpandaprinters@gmail.com

.Delivery Information:

Orders shipped on completion of the processing period and via our reliable shippers will be delivered to most destinations in India within a couple of days from shipping. In case of unforeseen delays in shipping please allow 7 days for delivery over your order processing time. If you have still not received your order please contact us with your Order Number at greenpandaprinters@gmail.com

Payment Information:

At PosterGully we have taken immense care to make sure that a good shopping experience is completed with robust safety and efficiency in every aspect of paying for your order. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more.

From your shopping cart you proceed through payment and order confirmation in a few easy steps. 

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